Two Halloween podcasts for you, both with a heaping helping of Bob Ball!

  • The first is the new podcast ‘PopQuizzical‘, a short, family friendly pop quiz show hosted by Bob Ball. This episode is all about George Romero’s 1968 classic “Night of the Living Dead’. Who knew learning could be this much fun?
  • The second second is a guest spot on the podcast ‘A Fistful of Pixels‘, a podcast that takes user submitted titles and turn them into the next great video game.  Episode 12, “Trick or Tron”, is an all Halloween inspired episode! (Note: this is NSFW, but is still super funny)  The AFOP guys were generous enough to let me have a platform on which to be weird, and my iPhone 4S’s Siri to be scary.  In my defense, they started it.

Happy Halloween!