The bar has been set for future guests of the ‘Personal Arrogants’ podcast. 

Look at me, all guest-starry on someone else’s podcast!  I packed up half of my audio gear, my thirst for knowledge and a Costco pumpkin pie (my secret weapon) & drove to Woop Woop and the Personal Arrogants podcasting palladium to wow the gents with my charm.  And pie.  “Personal Arrogants – episode 69: Bob Ball wants $5

Probably more so the pie.  Check out the Personal Arrogants podcast on iTunes, or at the website

Check out the Personal Arrogants podcast at!

We talked about everything from me charity shilling ( for my meritous Movember moustache to a truly trying treasure trove of trivia, even a mention of how heroic/frightening Alex Trebek is. (Spoiler: VERY)

They also wrangled out of me one of the reasons I have a love of the pursuit of knowledge, something I don’t even think I realized myself until we started talking about it.  I hope to spin the whole thing off into a Hallmark Channel movie, guest starring my Guy Fawkes-ian moustache.

A pirate, Carol Channing and the Daily Planet’s copy boy also stop by to chat.  All this and it’s free – how do those guys do it?  Listen and find out.

Happy impending turkey day.