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“summertime.  Time to sit back and unwind.”

–The fresh prince (who might actually live in bel air now)

PopQuizzical hopes you’re enjoying our vacation.  What?  You still expect useful information, even on the high seas off the coast of Somalia?  Fine.

Today, of all days, is a Freebie Friday at Facebook.com/PopQuizzical! GO GO GO!

This week, the ‘Listen-To-This’ pocast spotlights something that should be in the ears of every Mac enthusiast: MacBreak Weekly!  Check out the show here:  http://bit.ly/pqmacbreak

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Host: Bob Ball (@PopQuizzical & @BobBallVO)

Intro/Outro Musics: Secret Mission by Jimmy Edgar

Thanks to lil’ ol’ me for the fun photoshop.

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