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PopQuizzical Daily! for September 17, 2012

What Native American grill became the basis of a pirate name?

(Answer in tomorrow’s PopQuizzical Daily! —> also, the new PopQuizzical on Pirates!)
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Yesterday's PopQuizzical Daily! answer: 
A "Letter of Marque".
This one piece of paper meant that you were acting on behalf of whatever ruler from which you had received the letter.  For example, if you had a letter of marque from Spain, and Spain is at war with France but friends with the Dutch, then most likely you were charged to attack French ships and not Dutch ships.  So really, the difference in you as a privateer and you as a pirate is in the eye of the beholder.  If you’re raiding my boat, you’re a pirate.  A dirty, dirty pirate.  Yarrrr.

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