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PopQuizzical Daily! for September 20, 2012

What’s the term for a pirate ship firing all of its cannons on one side?

(Answer in tomorrow’s PopQuizzical Daily! —> also, the new PopQuizzical on Pirates!)
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Yesterday's PopQuizzical Daily! answer:
Charles Town (modern day Charleston, South Carolina)
Big brass ones.  That’s what Blackbeard had when he performed a successful blockade of Charleston, SC in May 1718.  Charleston had no guard ship, so Blackbeard definitely picked the right city to hold hostage.  Let me ‘splain: blockade=no river travel, no river travel = no money and supplies coming into the city, no money and supplies coming into the city = OMG we’re all going to die.  Sure, that’s the short version.  Just imagine that developing over a week and see how you feel about it.  ‘OMG’ is very subdued, in retrospect.

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