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“your mouth, that soap.  It’s gonna @#$%ing happen.”

–Your mother

"Yup, looks like there's a little profanity up ahead Mother."

What did you @#$%ing expect?

It’s another new PopQuizzical HintCast! (OK, I understand that’s not very spoiler-y to you – but in Sweartown, USA, that’s @#$%ing good news.)

Next week, there’s an all new episode of PopQuizzical all about “Profanity”.  I am straight up telling you this because there will be *two* versions of it – one with all the profanity bleeped out (and we just spell the naughty words) and then a full on raunch-fest where we rock out with our *ahem* profanity out.

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Host: Bob Ball (@PopQuizzical & @BobBallVO)

Music: Secret Mission by Jimmy Edgar

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