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(BE ADVISED, THE PODCAST ATTACHED TO THIS POST IS cleaned up, edited, beeped all to !@#$ version.  LOOK FOR THE dirty VERSION IF YOU don’t HAVE KIDS, don’t LISTEN AT WORK, OR IF YOU ARE Joe Biden.  THIS IS THE Mellow Mitt Romney version.)

“Oh Man, I just shot Marvin in the face.”

“Why the eff did you do that?!”

– ‘Pulp Fiction’ paraphrase

 It’s an all new episode of the internet’s favorite quiz show, PopQuizzical!  That may not be big news to you, but in Fucking, Austria, that’s !@#$ing big news.
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Host: Bob Ball (@PopQuizzical & @BobBallVO)

Intro/Outro Musics: Secret Mission by Jimmy Edgar

Have a topic that you want to hear made into an episode of PopQuizzical?  Drop an email to the address below!

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