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PopQuizzical Daily! for December 8, 2012

In 1941, what cartoon elephant got kicked off the cover of Time magazine for the late breaking story of the Pearl Harbor attack?

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The Hawaiian Islands are comprised of 8 main islands, the most densely populated being O’ahu.  This is what most people think Hawaii is who haven’t been there, as it has the capital and most populous city of Honolulu.  And if you’re on the wrong street at the right hour of the night, they have some very interesting people as well – but I do not speak from experience.  Although now that I think about it I do have a funny story about a transvestite hooker who helped me carry a bag of coconuts to a scale at three in the morning.  No, that’s not a punchline, that’s a true story.  I’ve said waaaaay too much.   

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