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There is no joy in Mudville; the mighty PopQuizzical is on hiatus.

Sure, there’s no new PopQuizzical until February.  I get it.  Your sad.

Try listening to an old episode and see if your score improves, or start reading the PopQuizzical Daily! trivia questions for healthy doses of trivia and fun.

But I’m still here, alive and kicking – and with an end of the year hug for you.

If we're all gonna die anyway, I hope it's from hugz.

If we’re all gonna die anyway, I hope it’s from hugz.

I got this hug from the CDC.  And yes, they screened it for diseases before they gave it to me.  At least I think they did.  If I’m wrong, enjoy your smallpox.


Bob Ball

Voice Actor, host of PopQuizzical, and someone who cares about you.