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Happy new year?  I hope the old year was good to you for starters...

Happy new year, but does no one hope your old year was good?

2012 was an interesting year for me and my computerized sidekick, Zeppelin.

  • Published a trivia question post every day for a year. Take that bloggeristas. For the near future, we’ll keep doing them too.
  • Published audio every Friday, including some ‘Listen-To-This’ editions while I was on vacation to spotlight friends that deserve praise (like Slightly Burned Pants & MBMBaM.)
  • Got out the vote in support of gay marriage. Statewide was a victory, however the federal government needs to recognize it for sweeping coverages and changes to be made.
  • Got an app on the iOS App Store. You can download it here. Due to Apple’s policies it didn’t turn out quite the way I had intended (as promotion for the VO side of my business), but my app maker Danny Perski (@mguniverse/mguniverse.com) made it into a beautiful PopQuizzical podcast streamer. Kudos. (Updates forthcoming to the app in 2013)
  • T-Shirts abound! Logo designer extrodiairre Justin Russo made a fine design that was used at PAX and is still available in the PopQuizzical T-shirt store on our Facebook page.

Then there were some things that didn’t get done. I would like to blame the government’s fiscal cliff, but we all know that if I point the finger at someone there are three pointing back at me:

  • Didn’t find a podcast network for PopQuizzical. A lack of time on my part did not help things. On a completely separate note, PopQuizzical’s looking to join a podcast network. For serious inquiries, contact me at podcast@PopQuizzical.com. For all other inquiries, I guess you can use the same address.
  • Didn’t get to the PopQuizzical page redesign. I keep thinking that I’ll ‘get around to it’, but all I seem to get is a round tuit. RoundTuit

What is in store for PopQuizzical in 2013? Fluidity, my friends. Fluidity.

At least that goal I can hit. Thank you all for helping me to a great 2012. Thanks even to the Mayans – you helped me round out my podcast year.

Here’s to a great new year for both of us,