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PopQuizzical Daily! for February 17, 2013:

The Apollo lunar missions left several U.S. flags on the surface of the moon: but in total how many?

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Harry Potter.

In 2001, the Isle of Man issued coins honoring ‘The Boy Who Lived’, with some old broad on the backside (i.e. Her Majesty, The Queen).  One of these days I’m gonna shoot my internet mouth off and Liz is gonna call me on the carpet.  God, will that be the best day ever.  (And if you haven’t seen the flag for the Isle of Man, do yourself a favor and Google it.  I swear to you, they must be a whole island of butt kickers.)

Yes it’s real – and it’s spectacular!
(If you’re too young to get that Seinfeld joke, youth is wasted on the young.)

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