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PopQuizzical Daily! for April 8, 2013:

In 1977, NASA sent what type of recording into space aboard Voyager II?

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Booker T. Washington.

Washington was an educator and outspoken opponent of discrimination in the last 19th and early 20th centuries.  Born into slavery, Washington was a dominant leader in the African American community until his death in 1915.  Historians note that Washington, “advised, networked, cut deals, made threats, pressured, punished enemies, rewarded friends, greased palms, manipulated the media, signed autographs, read minds with the skill of a master psychologist, strategized, raised money, always knew where the camera was pointing, traveled with an entourage, waved the flag with patriotic speeches, and claimed to have no interest in partisan politics. In other words, he was an artful politician.

The Booker T. Washington stamp, frist released April 7, 1940.

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