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As the voice of the disclaimer on internet sensation My Brother, My Brother and Me, I feel a special kinship to the snarky voice of one of the show’s hosts and youngest McElroy, Griffin.

On this most excellent of days I present to you 10 “facts” about the youngest of the McElroy trio.

(reposted from Twitter)

To honor #MBMBaM fans on this, the date of @griffinmcelroy’s birth, I present 10 “facts” about Griffin Xavier McElroy the Third, Esquire:

10. @GriffinMcElroy hates to be tickled with emu feathers. He once ate a whole emu to prevent tickling just to find it tickles inside, too.

9. #MBMBaM wasn’t the first hit show @GriffinMcElroy starred in.  Check out episode #177 of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’.  Yep, you guessed it.

8. @GriffinMcElroy once tried to drink Chuck Norris under the table. Norris not only beat him, but started from the roof. #TimeReleaseJoke

7. @GriffinMcElroy’s birthday was originally slated for April 15th, but he refused to share the spotlight with the IRS.

6. This picture of @GriffinMcElroy was taken just before he commited an act of theft: he stole my heart. #Hugs

One of these is Griffin McElroy.  One is not.

One of these is Griffin McElroy. One is not.

5. Why do you knock at @GriffinMcElroy’s house? If you don’t, he’ll assume you’re a ninja and get his 8th grade ninja costume on. #NotPretty

4. @GriffinMcElroy wants to be a never-nude, one of the people that showers in tiny shorts, but he loves him some edible underwear. #Choices

3. When the other brothers on #MBMBaM heard they were getting baby brother @GriffinMcElroy, they secretly hoped for a baboon. #WishGranted?

2. Every year on his birthday, @GriffinMcElroy hunts & eats squeakers from dog chew toys. In some cirles he’s known as “The Beeper Reaper”.

1. Today, on his birthday, @GriffinMcElroy asks every hobo he sees “Do you want to snap into a Slim Jim?  Do you, punk?!” – then walks away.

Happy birthday, buddy.