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PopQuizzical Daily! for May 15, 2013:

What titan of broadcasting was kicked out of his fraternity at Brown University for setting fire to his frat’s parade float?

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A ball.

The term fireball may not have originated in space, but it certainly is the shape you get with low gravity scenarios.  take a look at the picture below and just think how romantic and dangerous a candlelit dinner in space would be.  Now think what everyone would see as your candle got out of control in an oxygen rich environment.  The explosions would be breathtaking from the Earth.  What I’m trying to say is just have a picnic when you get back.  Do you really need to blow up the space station for a few fleeting seconds of romance?  Those are my tax dollars at work, you horny toads.

Left: a regular candle flame. Right: the low gravity candle flame.

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