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The face Craig Ferguson makes when he thinks of Liza Minnelli.  Or is it the other way around?

The face Craig Ferguson makes when he thinks of Liza Minnelli. Or is it the other way around?

As an avid respecter of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, I humbly present to you 10 “facts” about him on this, the anniversary of the day of his birth.  Enjoy.

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#10.  This year for his birthday, @CraigyFerg celebrates by eating a newborn deer heart. Come to think of it, just like every morning. #BeautyTips

#9.  Running isn’t just a way of life for Craig Ferguson, it’s a religion. Just not his. He only believes in the higher power of Jelly Babies.

#8.  The first time Craig Ferguson “dressed for success” was in 1982. It was also the first time he “undressed for success”. Both, unsuccessful.

#7.  Craig Ferguson learned to drive just like a lot of otherScottish citizens – the amusement park at the bumper cars. #ParallelParkingKing

#6.  3 times Craig Ferguson has been mistaken for Doctor Who. Once at Comicon, and the other two times at work. #AtTheStripClub

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#5.  In the late 90s, Craig Ferguson’s hair sued over some inappropriate touching. It’s still ongoing, but they settled out of court.

#4.  When he was young, Craig Ferguson wanted to be a spy for the Queen. To the chagrin of the Crown, he settled for spying ON the Queen.

#3.  Craig Ferguson hates standard late night jokes. To date, he only allowed 3 accidental jokes – or he forgot to wear pants. One of the two.

#2.  Craig Ferguson’s 2nd love is a Scottish Dumpling. His 1st love is just as delicious: Catholic guilt. #ScottishDumplingAlsoHisStripperName

#1.  The most important thing to remember about Craig Ferguson: eunuch. “Tango & Cash” are over the fireplace at the LLS. Look close, you’ll see.

Happy birthday, Craigy.

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