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PopQuizzical Daily! for June 25, 2013

What’s the term for the contraction of relaxation of muscles in your large intestines moving feces along to it’s final destination?

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“You’re telling me that Thomas Freakin’ Crapper did not invent the flush toilet?!”

Yes.  That is exactly what I’m telling you.  However, he was the a plumber and patent holder for several parts of a flush toilet including the floating ballcock.  Hee hee.  I said “floating ballcock”.  I”ll never be able to use that term in context again.

Was “crap” named for Mr. Crapper?  Crapper was a major marketing force behind the flush toilet (Thomas Crapper and Co., and that’s not a joke).  However the word “crap” dates back to the 15th century being used as a term for the residue or chaff of grain husks or beer settlings.  In the 17th century “crap” came to be synonymous with human waste.  So, since Crapper’s patents were issued in the late 1890’s, no – crap did not come from Crapper.  However, the fact that we call the toilet “the crapper” most certainly is.  Thomas made his mark in history – a skid mark.

Crapper: the place where most of my gambling ends up.

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