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PopQuizzical Daily! for August 8, 2013

Use your cryptography skills and decipher the following: SDRAWKCAB SI ECNETNES SIHT.

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Let’s get a couple of things straight: A) Coca Cola will not dissolve your teeth overnight. It would take longer than that.  And 2) What child is going to hold Coke in their mouths overnight?  Drinking a big Coke and not brushing your pearly whites is NOT the same as dunking your grill in cola overnight.  Plus, the acidity of Coke is no worse than, say, orange juice – which baby teeth see passed over them more often that the Atlanta favorite brown ‘n’ bubbly.  I’m not saying that you should drink it, but let’s vilify Coke for real reasons – like it always jumps on my shirt when I hit a pothole.  You jerk.

Have a Coke and a smile. While in a nightmare.

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