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Neverending Nightmares is an indie horror game that needs your Kickstarter help right now.  Not tomorrow, not next week – RIGHT NOW.  Here’s the Kickstarter link: http://kck.st/19WHHDH

I met Matt Gilgenbach, the creator of Neverending Nightmares, about 2 1/2 years ago at PAX East.  At the time he was promoting a mind bending (at least to me) game called Retro/Grade.  It was a beautiful rhythm game putting you in the pilot’s seat of a space ship just after you saved the universe.  Unfortunately you ripped a hole in time and had to replay the game: backwards.  A great concept which played very well but being released at the tail end of the guitar game craze, it never achieved it’s full potential.

I don’t know that this is how Matt Gilgenbach sleeps, but I also don’t know that this is not how he sleeps, either.

Neverending Nightmares is the next game from Matt.  I saw it for the first time at the most recent PAX in Seattle, and again Matt has created something very special.  He used his own struggle with mental illness to create, well, you should watch the trailer.  No words I can type here are going to do justice to a girl prying her own arm apart with a pipe.

Ouch. That’s gonna need more that a stitch or two.

I also highly suggest taking a look at Matt’s developer diary channel on YouTube for interesting looks into what it takes to make an indie game (spoiler alert: a lot of intestinal fortitude).

This is your chance to fund an indie game developer on an awesome project.  The art is hand drawn, and has a very unsettling cartoonish spookiness.  Give it a look, then look at the cool stuff you can get when you donate.  Cool stuff needs cool people.  This is your chance.  As of the time of this writing, Neverending Nightmares has 34 hours left on it’s Kickstarter campaign and needs an additional $21,000.

  • If you have already donated, fantastic!  (Me too.)  Have you considered looking at the donation tiers above yours and squeaking out a few more dollars?
  • If you haven’t donated yet, Matt needs your help right away.  Don’t delay.  This game might not become a reality if we don’t come together to fund it.  And that would be a real shame, ’cause it looks flipping awesome.

Now is the time for funding awesome games like Neverending Nightmares.

(Addendum: I don’t blog about things I don’t like.  I received no compensation from anyone for writing this.  I just dig great stuff, and I firmly believe that this is indeed great stuff.)

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