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This is the hit show you've been waiting for, dictionary nerds.

This is the hit show you’ve been waiting for, dictionary nerds.

A surprise PopQuizzical?  You bet it is.

I’m breaking into your week to invite you to listen to another great show I’m on called “Word Rango”.  Not only is it a game show designed to make the contestants look silly, but it’s got improv comedy, NSFW language and words you don’t know!

Each week, I and three other smarty pants-es (Dave Hinkle, Mike Suszek, and Ryan Lewis) bring a secret word to the Word Rango arena for battle!  For knowledge!  And for comedy!

You’ll learn more about the words, and you’ll find out how much we can make up on the fly, or how much we love Hugh Jackman (spoiler alert: a whole bunch – probably more than we should ever reveal outside of a sworn deposition).

Take a listen to this week’s short PopQuizzical extra and enjoy the rapture that is: Word Rango.

Word Rango on the interwebs:


Now go forth, and listen.  In advance, you’re welcome/I’m sorry.  Whichever is more appropriate, apply liberally.