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Veteran's Day

It is an easy time of year to thank a veteran for their service.  In fact, I’m doing it right now.

I have several friends who have not only served in the military, but have seen things that the rest of us can only imagine as nightmarish.  It makes me tear up even now to realize the pain that some of them still suffer through today.  Psychological and physiological wounds, some of which time will not heal.  They did what I could not: protected our freedoms and the freedoms of people abroad.

Our soldiers – some of them my friends – are hands down the bravest heroes the world has ever seen.  They march into battles knowing that they may not come out.  The reality of that mindset, outside of a movie or video game, is as foreign to me as absolute zero.  I just have no point of reference for it.  It’s a hero’s ideal, and that’s what our veterans are.

If you know someone who has served in the armed forces, today is an excellent day to go out of your way and reconnect with them, say hi, or express thanks for their service.  Everyone benefits from gratitude, because we all need it sometimes.