About PopQuizzical

PopQuizzical, with your host Mr. Bob Ball

Dear Internets,

I’m Bob Ball, host and barkeep here at PopQuizzical.  I’m also voice actor in the Seattle area that has a passion for knowledge.

In October 2011, I thought the world needed more knowledge shoved into the collective head so I started the podcast/website ‘PopQuizzical’.

I hope you like what you find here, and if you have questions, comments or need a voice actor for your next project, feel free to email me:

Bob(at)BobBallVO(dot)com or Podcast(at)PopQuizzical(dot)com


The internet’s favorite quiz show, PopQuizzical, is an audio quiz podcast ready for your download Fridays 7am EST/4am PST, with voice artist Bob Ball!  Each full episode of PopQuizzical is a fun and funny, single themed, 10-15 minute audio extravaganza including interesting audio clips, exciting sound effects, and of course, a mind bending set of questions.

Download episodes now from iTunes at: http://bit.ly/popquizzical

The show is a family friendly audio quiz, normally consisting of a set of 5 questions followed by the answers and peppered with comedy. Recent PopQuizzical episodes have challenged listeners to answer questions about James Bond (episode 007), The Twilight Zone (episode 015), The Summer Olympics (episode 024), and Dr. Seuss (episode 010).

A bit about your host:

Bob Ball is a former radio personality who broke up with the radio biz, but never lost his love of audio production and voice work.   After moving away from radio and his home in West Virginia, Bob set up his audio shop near Seattle working as a voice artist & audio magician.  In October 2011, Bob revisited his love of all things knowledge-y with great sounding audio and created a beloved trivia podcast, PopQuizzical.  

A bit about the companion website:

PopQuizzical.com is the companion website the the PopQuizzical podcast, now with the ‘PopQuizzical Daily!’, a daily quiz question for you to ponder.  Links to the audio quiz are included with each accompanying PopQuizzical blog post.

Bob can be available for interviews via phone or Skype, or for in person interviews in the Seattle area.  Contact via email at podcast@PopQuizzical.com.

Follow PopQuizzical at  twitter.com/PopQuizzical  and facebook.com/PopQuizzical


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